Treasurenauts 1

Treasurenauts Headed to eShop This Winter

Renegade Kid, the developer of Mutant Mudds, has confirmed its next big Nintendo eShop title – Treasurenauts – and the 2D platformer seems to use a very similar pixel art visual style.

Treasurenauts 2

Treasurenauts will be available sometime during the fourth quarter on the Nintendo eShop. It appears that the point of the game is to collect treasure strewn about each stage. Already mentioned are local multiplayer and download play options, as well as multiple endings based on how much treasure the player collects throughout the game.

Treasurenauts 3

Stay tuned for more; I absolutely love the pixel art style that Renegade Kid is going with, and will be looking into this one as its release gets closer.

In addition to Treasurenauts, don’t forget to keep your eyes out for Cult County, Renegade Kid’s other upcoming eShop title (and the first real FPS on the Nintendo 3DS).