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Rumor – Pokemon X & Y 3DS XL Bundles Coming to North America?

There could be special edition Nintendo 3DS XL bundles based on Pokemon X & Y headed to North America, similar to the ones confirmed for launch day in Japan. You can see the potential “evidence” in the Target inventory scan above. Thoughts? Looks like my October just got a bit more expensive…and I’ve been waiting for the […]

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Nicalis Teases SNES-Style JRPG for Nintendo 3DS

Nicalis, the developer best known for Cave Story, has been a strong supporter of the Nintendo 3DS and eShop. In fact, all of its eShop releases - Cave Story, VVVVVV, Ikachan, and NightSky - are high-rated hits on the digital marketplace. Earlier this week, a tweet from the developer teased what could be a very exciting and promising project : “JRPG+SNES […]

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Rumor – Mewtwo’s Awakened Form to Appear in Super Smash Bros.?

Just a quick rumor-blurb: in case you haven’t already seen this, the idea of Mewtwo’s new “Awakened” form in Pokemon X & Y was a topic of discussion during last week’s Pokemon Developer Roundtable. During the event, Nintendo World Report asked the developers the following question: Can you go into more detail on how Mewtwo changes forms, […]

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Rumor – New Type Confirmed for Pokemon X & Y Versions?

I just noticed this post on GoNintendo; it appears a thread on NeoGAF has all but confirmed a brand-new Pokemon “type” in the upcoming installments Pokemon X & Y Versions. In addition, some game-changing elements might be implemented into the sixth generation. Check out the full list of details/rumors after the break! 

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Rumor – Mario Golf: World Tour Teeing Off in August?

According to the product page on GameFly.com, the upcoming 3DS golfing title Mario Golf: World Tour could be headed to retailers and the Nintendo eShop on August 25. This makes a lot of sense, and is the big reason I decided to post the rumor (origin: NWR). With big releases slated for May (DKCR 3D), June (Animal Crossing), […]

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Rumor – Sound and Light Type Introduced in Pokemon X & Y?

Just a quick blurb – I’ll follow up on this more in the future, no doubt. The idea of new types in Pokemon X & Y is getting a lot of coverage; I have mentioned it several times in past articles about the series’ upcoming sixth generation. I just stumbled upon this image from Examiner today, and […]

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Rumor – Sylveon’s Type Possibly Revealed?

Well, this is interesting. An image has surfaced online depicting all of the current forms of Eevee, including the newest one – Sylveon – confirmed for Pokemon X & Y Versions. 

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Rumor: Is This a Mewtwo Evolution in Pokemon X & Y?

Not even a full day after confirming a big reveal planned for Pokemon X & Y this Saturday, rumors about the forthcoming games have begun circulating the Internet. Take a close look at the image above; is that a new & evolved form of Mewtwo?

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Rumor – Trio of GBA Mario Games Headed to eShop?

According to neogaf.com, the boxart for three Game Boy Advance titles - Super Mario Ball, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and Mario Golf Advance Tour have appeared on Nintendo’s servers. Apparently, there is an assumption that Nintendo plans to release these classics on the Nintendo eShop’s Virtual Console. What do you think? Likely rumor, or just a pipe dream? […]

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Bravely Default, Monster Hunter 4 – Will They Come to North America?

A few days ago, Joystiq published an interesting article about the possibilities of several major Japanese RPGs being released in North America. Among the games mentioned in the story were Nintendo 3DS titles Monster Hunter 4 and Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. The former should be a familiar name, but it’s the latter that I care […]

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Rumor – Mutant Mudds DLC Coming Soon?

I spotted a juicy rumor about one of the hottest Nintendo eShop games, Mutant Mudds – it appears that the digital download, developed by Renegade Kid, may see some downloadable content in the near future. There is a PC version of Mutant Mudds coming out soon, and it features 20 all-new levels that weren’t originally […]

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Rumor – Medal of Honor: Warfighter Coming to 3DS?

This post can probably be taken with a grain of salt, but it’s still worth mentioning that GameInformer.com has posted a profile page for Medal of Honor: Warfighter on the Nintendo 3DS. This would be the first shooter confirmed for the handheld, but the likelihood of this holding any actual merit is pretty low. You […]

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