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Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Dated for North America

The final chapter of Level-5′s Professor Layton prequel trilogy, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, was given its official release date during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation. Those who enjoy using their puzzle-solving skills should mark their calendars for February 28, 2014. I look forward to seeing how Azran Legacy turns out, I really enjoyed Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, the previous 3DS […]

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Two New Professor Layton Games Coming Next Year

Two new Professor Layton-related games were announced during today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast. First, the last game in the latest Professor Layton trilogy was confirmed - Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.  Additionally, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney was also confirmed for localization in North America. Not much was revealed about the gameplay, but we can expect to see […]

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Review – Attack of the Friday Monsters!

3DStination.com reviews Attack of the Friday Monsters!, the third and final part of Level-5′s Guild02 trilogy, designed by Millennium Kitchen’s Kaz Ayabe: “[Level-5's Guild01/Guild02 series and Attack of the Friday Monsters!]…have taken the entire purpose of indie game development and run with it like few games I’ve seen before…It is very clear from the presentation of […]

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Review – Bugs vs. Tanks

3DStination.com reviews Bugs vs. Tanks, a bizarre new entry in Level-5′s “Guild02″ series, created by Kenji Inafune (Mega Man, Dead Rising): “I’m glad the game doesn’t overcomplicate itself. It really feels like a throwback to the 32-/64-bit tank games on the PlayStation and Nintendo 64; I’m not sure if that is what the creators were […]

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Top 5 Nintendo eShop Downloads (Part 2)

Last June – roughly one year after the Nintendo eShop was launched – I published a list article called “Top 5 Nintendo eShop Downloads”, picking the five digital titles I enjoyed the most in the service’s first full year. Now, not quite a year later, the Nintendo eShop has evolved into a whole new beast […]

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Review – Crimson Shroud

General Information ~ Crimson Shroud Developed by Yasumi Matsuno/Nex Entertainment Published by Level-5 Released on December 13, 2012 Price: $7.99 (via Nintendo eShop) Review Notes: A review code was provided by Level-5 for review purposes. Summary ~ A ‘Role’ of the Dice Crimson Shroud is the third and final North American release in Level-5′s Guild01 series. Designed by Yasumi […]

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Level-5 Announces Dec. 13 Launch for Crimson Shroud

With the recent release of Liberation Maiden and Aeroporter, there remains just one more game in Level-5′s Guild01 compilation – Crimson Shroud. Today, the eShop RPG – designed by Vagrant Story/Final Fantasy XII’s Yasumi Matsuno – was confirmed for launch in North America and Europe on December 13. Crimson Shroud puts you in the role of Giauque, a “chaser” who basically […]

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Review – Liberation Maiden

General Information ~ Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture Published by Level-5 Released on October 25, 2012 Price: $7.99 (via Nintendo eShop) *Review Notes: A review code was provided for review purposes. Liberation Maiden launched on the North American eShop last week. This Level-5/Grasshopper Manufacture collaboration is a fast-paced mech shooter with some of the flashiest graphics and […]

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Level-5′s Guild01 Series Headed to North American eShop

Well, this is certainly exciting – if you happen to be a fan of developer Level-5 (responsible for Professor Layton and many other popular series), you should keep your eye out for its upcoming trio of eShop titles based around the Guild01 series. The three digital downloads will be available on the North American eShop by […]

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