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Shin Megami Tensei IV – Second Round of DLC Released

The second batch of downloadable content for Atlus’s Shin Megami Tensei IV went live on the Nintendo eShop this afternoon. You can see all the details about the DLC after the break. 

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Shin Megami Tensei IV – Launch DLC Detailed

Atlus has confirmed some downloadable content that will be available upon the launch of Shin Megami Tensei IV in North America. In case you forgot, that’s in a little over a month – July 16. There will be three DLC packs; two of which are free of charge at launch. More details after the break. 

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NSMB2 – Coin Rush Total Exceeds 300 Billion, Free Level Pack Released

Nintendo announced this week that the global Coin Rush total in New Super Mario Bros. 2 recently exceeded 300 billion coins; as a reward to all the dedicated players of the game, the Big N has released a free pack of Coin Rush maps based on classic Super Mario Bros. stages. The three new Coin Rush stages in […]

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Blurb – Just a Few Tricks & Treats

First of all… Happy Halloween! If you didn’t already notice, I’ve taken the liberty of spending most of my morning/afternoon updating the site – not only did I freshen up the Release Dates page, I also added some banner images to make the Reviews page look a little nicer. I already published a few quick […]

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The Daily 3DS Trailers Report (10/28/12) – Half A Dozen Videos

I took a trip to visit family over the weekend – lo and behold, I stepped away from the Internet at the wrong time, because I missed all the brand-new 3DS footage that went up shortly after the recent Nintendo Direct video event. This edition of The Daily 3DS Trailers Report is absolutely loaded, and […]

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Mutant Mudds – Free DLC Available Now

If you’re a fan of Renegade Kid’s eShop title Mutant Mudds, surprise – the bonus levels contained in the PC version are finally available on the eShop. There’s a catch, however. If you haven’t full-cleared the game – all the Water Sprites, all the collectible gold diamonds in each stage – you won’t have access […]

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Retrospective Review – Mighty Switch Force!

General Information - Mighty Switch Force! Developed and Published by WayForward Technologies Released on December 22, 2011 Price: $5.99 (via Nintendo eShop) Free DLC Pack Available via Nintendo eShop Summary ~ WayForward Technologies’ Mighty Switch Force! was one of the more critically-acclaimed downloads that came out on the Nintendo eShop last year. Along with the colorful puzzle-platformer Pushmo, this side-scroller […]

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New Super Mario Bros. 2 – Coin Rush DLC Dated for October [UPDATE!]

Finally, as promised by Nintendo, DLC will be available soon for New Super Mario Bros. 2′s “Coin Rush” mode. The trio of updates includes the “Survival Panic Pack”, which will be a difficult pack of stages, as its name implies. The second, “Gold Mario Go! Go! Go!”, gives players the task of collecting 30,000 coins […]

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Twenty New Stages Headed to Mutant Mudds 3DS [Update!]

You may have heard that the PC version of Renegade Kid’s Mutant Mudds was coming with 20 exclusive stages. If you were as big a fan of the platformer as I was, this came as a disappointment. Lo and behold, Renegade Kid doesn’t disappoint – all 20 stages that were previously exclusive to the PC […]

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Review – Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

I have been meaning to publish my review for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy for quite some time, but the truth is, I’ve spent most of my free time playing this new 3DS spin-off since its release on July 3. If that ruins the “surprise” of my final opinion in this critique, I apologize: as a long-time […]

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Rumor – Mutant Mudds DLC Coming Soon?

I spotted a juicy rumor about one of the hottest Nintendo eShop games, Mutant Mudds – it appears that the digital download, developed by Renegade Kid, may see some downloadable content in the near future. There is a PC version of Mutant Mudds coming out soon, and it features 20 all-new levels that weren’t originally […]

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Square-Enix Reveals First Paid DLC on 3DS for Theatrhythm

Square-Enix finally followed through with its plans to announce the very first paid DLC to date on the Nintendo 3DS – additional tracks for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy – and it seems that maybe they simply wanted to wait until the North American launch. Fortunately, that day was today, and Square-Enix wasted almost no time in […]

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DLC Coming Soon After Launch For New Super Mario Bros. 2

Nintendo recently announced that New Super Mario Bros. 2, available on the 3DS in both retail and digital formats on August 19, will feature some downloadable content – new Coin Rush stages – shortly after its release. Nintendo hasn’t announced a price or specific details. NOA President Reggie Fils-Aime even admitted that there are no […]

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