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Pokemon X & Y – 3DS XL Bundles Confirmed for North America

During today’s Pokemon Direct presentation, Nintendo confirmed the special edition Pokemon X & Y Nintendo 3DS XL bundles that we’ve all been expecting/waiting for – you can see the red and blue models above. Unlike many of the special edition bundles, these Pokemon X & Y 3DS XL packages don’t seem to come pre-loaded with a copy of the […]

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Rumor – Pokemon X & Y 3DS XL Bundles Coming to North America?

There could be special edition Nintendo 3DS XL bundles based on Pokemon X & Y headed to North America, similar to the ones confirmed for launch day in Japan. You can see the potential “evidence” in the Target inventory scan above. Thoughts? Looks like my October just got a bit more expensive…and I’ve been waiting for the […]

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Nintendo Now Selling Refurbished 3DS XL

Nintendo has opened up a product page on its official website for a Refurbished Nintendo 3DS XL, available for $169.99 (for a limited time) in black and blue colors. Those are somewhat ironic color choices, considering the refurbished handhelds “may have minor cosmetic blemishes”, though Nintendo promises they are “guaranteed to be fully functional.” (You […]

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Nintendo Bringing Black 3DS XL to North America

The black-colored Nintendo 3DS XL has been available in Europe for a while, but not in North America. It appears that Nintendo could be changing this soon; though there has been no official announcement at this time, a new commercial for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team shows off the black-colored 3DS XL. You can see a screenshot […]

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Eevee-Themed 3DS XL Available in Japan via Lottery

Just a quick blurb; if you haven’t already seen it, there is yet another slick-looking, Pokemon-themed 3DS XL model available for a limited time in Japan. This one (seen above) is based on the Pokemon Eevee, which evolves into over half a dozen different forms in the various Pokemon titles. This 3DS XL has a pretty wacky availability, […]

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL Bundle Confirmed

I’m not terribly excited about Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which happens to be one of the bigger 3DS releases of the summer – but I still enjoy the look of this new 3DS XL bundle, confirmed by today’s Nintendo Direct video. The 3DS XL comes with New Leaf pre-installed on the system, and costs roughly […]

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Target Selling Pikachu 3DS XL for $160

So, that awesome Pikachu 3DS XL I posted about yesterday- you know, the one headed to North America on the 24th, alongside Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity- well, Target just revealed it will be selling the new model for $160, slashing 20% off the MSRP. Here’s the ad: Hope this helps any shoppers out there […]

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Pikachu 3DS XL Confirmed for North America

I have always regretted picking up the boring aqua blue 3DS; had I waited a little longer, I could have scored a slick Zelda-themed black 3DS or one of the fiery red models. After today’s confirmation of the Pikachu 3DS XL coming to North America in March, I’m even more bummed every time I look […]

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Nintendo 3DS: 9 Million…and Counting (In Japan)

Another quick post; according to Media Create the Nintendo 3DS has now sold over 9,000,000 units in Japan alone. That’s right – nine million 3DS and 3DS XL handhelds have been sold in the country, going back to its release on February 26, 2011. The 3DS hasn’t had much competition in Japan lately – after all, […]

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The 3DS Has Now Out-Sold the Gamecube

Just a quick post; Nintendo tweeted this weekend that the Nintendo 3DS (likely including the 3DS XL) has officially out-sold the Gamecube, which originally launched in 2001, and more or less held the “third place” position in the last console generation. I don’t mean to discredit the Little Lunchbox That Could; there were some really […]

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Nintendo Reveals New 3DS XL Bundle, Includes Mario Kart 7

If you don’t currently own a Nintendo 3DS or plan to make an upgrade in the near future, take a look at this new bundle (shown above), revealed this week by Nintendo. This slick new blue-colored 3DS XL bundle ships to retailers December 7, and includes a copy of Mario Kart 7, pre-loaded onto the console – […]

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Blurb – Just a Few Tricks & Treats

First of all… Happy Halloween! If you didn’t already notice, I’ve taken the liberty of spending most of my morning/afternoon updating the site – not only did I freshen up the Release Dates page, I also added some banner images to make the Reviews page look a little nicer. I already published a few quick […]

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Nintendo “Encouraged” by 3DS Sales – Finally Selling Above Hardware Costs

I normally try to avoid making posts about sales numbers, but I figured that a quick blurb about this relatively optimistic issue wouldn’t hurt. As of today, Nintendo is finally selling new 3DS units above the cost of manufacturing them. In other words, it is finally making a profit on any sale of its latest […]

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Looking Ahead @ August 2012 – NSMB2, 3DS XL Launch in North America

Editor’s Note: Just before the start of each month, I will “look ahead” at the upcoming games that are slated for release; then, taking into account the general level of anticipation and the “buzz” within the media, I will select a handful of titles (two to four) that could be worth checking out when launch […]

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Nintendo Reveals “3DS XL” Redesign, Confirms August Launch

It’s finally happened: the long-rumored redesign of the Nintendo 3DS has been revealed. In a surprise announcement earlier this week, Nintendo confirmed that the “3DS XL” – a much larger version of its latest handheld – will be coming to all regions on August 19, 2012. (Just in time for New Super Mario Bros. 2 […]

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