Pokemon X Y 12

Pokemon X & Y – New Screenshots

Just a quick post; there are a bunch of screenshots for Pokemon X & Y after the break. As an added bonus, the text is in English! 

There are a few interesting things to note in the following images; first, one of the screens shows the pre-battle animation, displaying the name and image of the opposing trainer. Next, two of the images show the move list for the early-leveled Chespin and Finnekin. Finally, you can see diagonal movement in one of the images – a first for the Pokemon franchise. Click to enlarge any of the following thumbnails:

Pokemon X Y 15 Pokemon X Y 14 Pokemon X Y 13

Pokemon X Y 11 Pokemon X Y 10 Pokemon X Y 9

Pokemon X Y 8 Pokemon X Y 7 Pokemon X Y 6

Pokemon X Y 5 Pokemon X Y 4