Pokemon X Y - Mega Charizard X Y

Pokemon X & Y – Meet Mega Charizard X & Y

There was previously a Mega Evolution revealed for fan-favorite Pokemon Charizard, set to appear in the upcoming Pokemon X & Pokemon Y. It was confirmed today that Mega Charizard will actually take two different forms, one exclusive to Pokemon X, and one for Pokemon Y – just as Mega Mewtwo can.

You can see the newly-announced Mega Charizard X (the black-and-blue-colored one) in the image above. Remember, Mega Charizard Y (previously revealed) is still Fire/Flying-type. Mega Charizard X also has the ability Tough Claws, which powers up physical attacks. Check out this trailer featuring both Mega Charizard forms:

Thoughts? I really like Mega Charizard X, but will be getting Pokemon Y, so I won’t be able to enjoy his new Fire/Dragon-type combo…bummer.