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Pokemon X & Y – Kalos Starters’ Final Evolutions (Leak)

This is a pretty major spoiler, so I’ll save all the details for after the break – the final evolutions of the starter Pokemon in Pokemon X & Pokemon Y have leaked, including their names and final Type combinations. Keep reading after the break for more details and screenshots. 


Remember, the following information reveals some MAJOR SPOILERS about Pokemon X & Pokemon Y; you have been warned:


Keep scrolling down…


Keep going, if you dare…


First, we have Chessnaught – the final form of Chespin, who ends up as a Grass/Fighting-type monster. Chessnaught will have the Overgrow ability.

Next is Delphox – the Fire/Psychic-type evolution of Finnekin, with the Blaze ability.

Last but not least is Greninja, the Water/Dark-type third stage of Froakie, with the Torrent ability.

You can see the leaked images of the starter evolutions below:

Thoughts? I was hoping to avoid spoiling the final forms of the Gen. VI starters until I had them myself in Pokemon X & Pokemon Y; that being said, I am pretty happy to see some third-stage starters with brand-new Type combinations.

You might have noticed that these Pokemon actually have another Type “trio” – in addition to Grass/Fire/Water, these Pokemon pick up Fighting/Psychic/Dark, another perfect rock-paper-scissors combination in the series.

The second type actually makes each fully-evolved Gen. VI starter Pokemon even stronger against the opposing creature that it would usually be super-effective against. For example, Chessnaught’s Grass/Fighting combo is incredibly effective against the Water/Dark-type Greninja, but almost completely ineffective against Delphox’s Fire/Psychic types.

Pokemon X & Y are headed to retailers on October 12.

9 thoughts on “Pokemon X & Y – Kalos Starters’ Final Evolutions (Leak)”

    1. Thanks for the spelling correction; Feraligatr is pure-Water Type now, but if I recall correctly, he was Water/Dark in Gen. II. I’m almost certain of it. That must be why I was confused.


  1. Feraligatr has actually always been a Water type even since Gen II. However, it did only learn Water, Dark, and Normal moves by level up back then.

    Even though the type combinations for each of the starters has been done before, I like that they added another type-triangle with Fighting, Psychic, and Dark.

  2. I believe that these are fake. Chesnaught’s face is the exact same as Samurott’s, and is so totally different than his secondary evolution that it can’t be right. Plus, how could he be Grass/Fighting with that huge shell on his back? Until Nintendo confirms these in their official review this is going to be deemed as a hoax.

    1. The face on Chessnaught is the only thing that I think looks really strange about him. I feel like Grass/Rock or Grass/Ground would make just as much sense as Grass/Fighting, but I could see all three of them for that design. I think they will be using the different types in some new ways that we haven’t seen before, so a bulky-looking Fighting-type like this one would not surprise me.

      I guess we will see for sure in just a few more days. Part of me hopes that these final forms are not the actual Pokemon, but if they end up being correct, I won’t be disappointed.

      1. I don’t want gender specific pokemon. Greninja looks dumb with that tongue scarf. I hope that the Delphox using that stick from its tail as a wand will be the final evolution as you would have to get a girl Delphox. The bubbles also go away on Greninja the were a huge part of Froakie and Frogadier so I think and hope these are fake.

        1. Turns out they aren’t fake; Coro Coro officially revealed them today. I really like their final designs, so I’m happy about it. Especially Chessnaught, I’ve gone from not liking him much to being a very big fan.

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