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All rumors and otherwise unconfirmed information related to the 3DS.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS – [UPDATED] Rumors Emerge After Leaked Videos Show Several New Characters

This is merely a rumor at this point in time, so take it with a grain of salt until information is confirmed by Sakurai, Nintendo or the official Super Smash Bros. website.

Rumors about new characters in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. games have emerged this afternoon, with several leaked videos (originally posted to 4chan) showing off new characters such as Shulk, Bowser Jr. and Dark Pit.

UPDATE: All the videos that were posted earlier have since been removed from YouTube by request of Nintendo of America. This seems a lot more like a big leak than a rumor at this point, but nothing should be assumed until confirmed directly by Sakurai, the official Smash Bros. website, or Nintendo.

Rumor – Pokemon X & Y 3DS XL Bundles Coming to North America?

Pokemon X Y - Walmart Leak

There could be special edition Nintendo 3DS XL bundles based on Pokemon X & Y headed to North America, similar to the ones confirmed for launch day in Japan.

You can see the potential “evidence” in the Target inventory scan above.

Thoughts? Looks like my October just got a bit more expensive…and I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to upgrade to a 3DS XL.


Nicalis Logo

Nicalis Teases SNES-Style JRPG for Nintendo 3DS

Nicalis, the developer best known for Cave Story, has been a strong supporter of the Nintendo 3DS and eShop. In fact, all of its eShop releases – Cave Story, VVVVVV, Ikachan, and NightSky – are high-rated hits on the digital marketplace.

Earlier this week, a tweet from the developer teased what could be a very exciting and promising project :

“JRPG+SNES style music+3DS”.

Brief, vague, but interesting nonetheless – the 3DS has been somewhat spectacular with its JRPG support, one could say the handheld has become the best option for fans of the aging genre. As a fan of 16-bit JRPGs like Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger, I find this to be particularly intriguing, and hope to see what the team has in mind.

If nothing else, perhaps they could remind Square-Enix about what was really important to the genre. Stay tuned as more info about this potential project emerges.


Mewtwo Awakened

Rumor – Mewtwo’s Awakened Form to Appear in Super Smash Bros.?

Just a quick rumor-blurb: in case you haven’t already seen this, the idea of Mewtwo’s new “Awakened” form in Pokemon X & Y was a topic of discussion during last week’s Pokemon Developer Roundtable. During the event, Nintendo World Report asked the developers the following question:

Can you go into more detail on how Mewtwo changes forms, and would you like this new form to appear in the new Smash Bros.?

Apparently, the Pokemon devs were silent about the process of Mewtwo changing forms…on the other hand, Masahiro Sakurai (lead director of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. titles for 3DS & Wii U) spoke up from the crowd, saying “We are thinking about it” in regards to the Awakened Mewtwo appearing in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS & Wii U.

I feel like Mewtwo’s Awakened form would be a pretty solid substitute for Lucario, who was introduced in Brawl – as much as I enjoy Lucario, Mewtwo was pretty popular in Melee, and it would make a lot of sense for his new form to appear in the latest installment (particularly after the release of Pokemon X & Y.)


Rumor – Mario Golf: World Tour Teeing Off in August?

According to the product page on, the upcoming 3DS golfing title Mario Golf: World Tour could be headed to retailers and the Nintendo eShop on August 25.

This makes a lot of sense, and is the big reason I decided to post the rumor (origin: NWR). With big releases slated for May (DKCR 3D), June (Animal Crossing), July (Shin Megami Tensei IV), and October (Pokemon X & Y), August would be a decent month to release the game. It would also be two weeks after the release of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, giving that game enough time to generate some sales before the public is hit with another Mario-based title.

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga - Art

Rumor – Trio of GBA Mario Games Headed to eShop?

According to, the boxart for three Game Boy Advance titles – Super Mario Ball, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and Mario Golf Advance Tour have appeared on Nintendo’s servers. Apparently, there is an assumption that Nintendo plans to release these classics on the Nintendo eShop’s Virtual Console.

What do you think? Likely rumor, or just a pipe dream?

Personally, I couldn’t possibly complain – Advance Tour remains one of my favorite golfing games of all time, and I would love a chance to play through Superstar Saga for the second time.