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Blog – Pokemon X & Y Post-Mortem; Getting Back On Track

It has been a few weeks since I last posted anything on; I apologize for the lack of updates and news, especially if you are a frequent visitor to the site. Getting back on track has been pretty difficult over the past few weeks – I was without an Internet connection for a few […]

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Pokemon X & Y – Live-Action Launch Trailer

Pokemon X & Pokemon Y launch worldwide at midnight tonight, officially October 12 – check out the slick live-action launch trailer below:

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6 New Pokemon I Can’t Wait to Catch in Pokemon X & Y

The worldwide launch of Pokemon X & Pokemon Y is upon us; at midnight tonight I will finally be getting my hands on my very own copy of Pokemon Y and jumping right into the sixth generation of the series. I do not plan on sleeping much over the next few days, as there are […]

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Pokemon X & Y – CoroCoro Officially Reveals Starter Evolutions, New Mega Pokemon

Since this is not officially considered a “leak”, I decided to go ahead and post it – the Japanese magazine CoroCoro’s most recent issue officially revealed a few new Mega Evolutions and the final forms of the Kalos Region starter Pokemon. To avoid blatantly spoiling too much, you can find the images from the magazine […]

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Blog – On The Home Stretch to Pokemon X & Y

The launch of Pokemon X & Pokemon Y is just a few days away, and I am beyond thrilled – that should be obvious to anyone who has visited the site frequently. That being said, after closely covering any and all news (including a few pre-release leaks) related to X & Y for the last several months, I have officially […]

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Pokemon X & Y – Three New Mega Evolutions (Leaked)

SPOILER ALERT: After the break, you can find leaked screenshots and other spoiler-loaded details for three brand-new Mega Evolution Pokemon from Pokemon X & Pokemon Y. You have been warned; do not continue reading after the break if you do not want to spoil the surprise. 

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Pokemon X & Y – Kalos Starters’ Final Evolutions (Leak)

This is a pretty major spoiler, so I’ll save all the details for after the break – the final evolutions of the starter Pokemon in Pokemon X & Pokemon Y have leaked, including their names and final Type combinations. Keep reading after the break for more details and screenshots. 

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Pokemon X & Y – Two More New Pokemon Revealed

The image you see to the right (click for full size) was taken from a Japanese magazine and confirms the evolved forms of Spritzee and Swirlix, two new Pokemon in Pokemon X & Pokemon Y.  No official details have been confirmed about these Pokemon at this point, but it is clear that they are the evolved […]

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Pokemon X & Y – Meet Mega Charizard X & Y

There was previously a Mega Evolution revealed for fan-favorite Pokemon Charizard, set to appear in the upcoming Pokemon X & Pokemon Y. It was confirmed today that Mega Charizard will actually take two different forms, one exclusive to Pokemon X, and one for Pokemon Y - just as Mega Mewtwo can. You can see the newly-announced Mega Charizard X (the black-and-blue-colored […]

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Pokemon X & Y – Doublade Revealed via Facebook

Another reveal was planned today for Pokemon X & Pokemon Y on the games’ official Facebook page; now we finally know what becomes of the brand-new Steel/Ghost-type sword Pokemon, Honedge – it evolves into Doublade, seen in the image above. According to the Facebook page: “The evolved form of Honedge has been revealed! Meet Doublade! This Steel- […]

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Pokemon X & Y – Pokemon Bank Launching in December, Not Launch Day

Pokemon series director Junichi Masuda and designer Hironobu Yoshida were recently interviewed about Pokemon X & Pokemon Y by; one of the topics of conversation focused on the cloud-based Pokemon Bank application that was revealed earlier this month. Pokemon Bank will allow players to store and transfer thousands of their Pokemon from previous games (Black/White, Black 2/White 2, etc.) to […]

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Pokemon X & Y – Masuda Talks About Mega Evolution, Comparisons to Digimon

Pokemon X & Pokemon Y, the sixth-generation games in the Pokemon series, will be “evolving” the franchise in a big way – developer Game Freak promised this months ago, and the many reveals and bits of info we’ve seen since that statement back it up quite a bit.. One of the biggest new features in the two latest […]

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Pokemon X & Y – Evolved Fossil Pokemon Revealed

Two brand-new creatures in Pokemon X & Pokemon Y were revealed today – both of them are pretty powerful-looking Pokemon, to say the least. More details and screenshots after the break! 

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Pokemon X & Y – 3D Effects Disabled Outside of Battle?

Apparently, those who have gotten a chance to play Pokemon X & Pokemon Y before its release have noticed something peculiar about the 3D effects in the game. More specifically, it seems that 3D will be disabled while exploring the world map. If you look closely at the image above, you can see the standard parental controls […]

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Pokemon X & Y – Another Batch of New Pokemon, Mega Evolutions

Earlier this week, a lot of new monsters were revealed for Pokemon X & Pokemon Y in the Japanese magazine CoroCoro, including the evolved forms of the brand-new “starter Pokemon” – Chespin, Finnekin and Froakie. The second-stage starters were far from the only creatures revealed by the latest CoroCoro; this new batch of Pokemon is actually pretty cool. There’s an evolution […]

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