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6 New Pokemon I Can’t Wait to Catch in Pokemon X & Y

The worldwide launch of Pokemon X & Pokemon Y is upon us; at midnight tonight I will finally be getting my hands on my very own copy of Pokemon Y and jumping right into the sixth generation of the series. I do not plan on sleeping much over the next few days, as there are […]

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Top 5 First-Gen Mega Evolutions I’d Like to See in Pokemon X & Pokemon Y

With the upcoming release of Pokemon X & Pokemon Y, fans of the series will experience a brand-new feature called “Mega Evolution”, which powers up specific Pokemon in the middle of battle and grants them new Abilities, new Type combinations, and more. There are already several Mega Evolutions we know about – MegaMewtwo, MegaLucario, MegaBlaziken, MegaMawhile, MegaAbsol, […]

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Top 6 Most Anticipated 3DS Games of 2013

Now that E3 and the big Nintendo Direct presentations are behind us, so many details about what’s ahead of us have been revealed: information about the upcoming Link to the Past sequel (A Link Between Worlds), big games for 2014 such as Yoshi’s New Island and Super Smash Bros., and more about the next generation of Pokemon - Pokemon X & Y. It was […]

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Top 10 Nintendo 3DS Games

Over the span of time I’ve been posting on, I have compiled two different lists of the five best Nintendo eShop games to date (which you can see here and here), but I have said nothing about my ten favorite retail releases. I’d like to change that now. To be honest, it wasn’t easy […]

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Top 5 Nintendo eShop Downloads (Part 2)

Last June – roughly one year after the Nintendo eShop was launched – I published a list article called “Top 5 Nintendo eShop Downloads”, picking the five digital titles I enjoyed the most in the service’s first full year. Now, not quite a year later, the Nintendo eShop has evolved into a whole new beast […]

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Feature – Ranking The Best Starter Pokemon

I was discussing Pokemon with my roommate and some buddies, as I often find myself doing. We got to comparing the five past generations, and I thought it would be a great idea to break down my favorites in terms of the “starter” Pokemon.

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Top 5 Nintendo eShop Downloads

June marked the one-year anniversary of the Nintendo eShop, the online market/download service that allows 3DS owners to purchase and download digital software, media, applications, and so on. The last year has been a period of growth for the 3DS in general, but the eShop has been perhaps one of the most rapidly-growing features of […]

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